Unlimited - What is it all about?

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Unlimited connects Israel to the world using the best communication technology.

Fiber optic cables are strands thin as human hair made of flexible glass that are used to carry pulses of light which translates into digital information. No other technology comes close to True Fiber for transmitting data.

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True Fiber is virtually unlimited. One single fiber pair has the capacity to send and re-ceive unbelievable amounts of data, equivalent to the upload or download of 12,928 standard DVDs, or every major Hollywood movie ever produced, in 1 second.

Greater freedom for you

Unlimited brings a whole new era to the broadband market. An entrepreneurial approach to offering services to you. Unlimited is not a service provider – we build the fiber network, connecting you to the world. Our three founding principles set us apart from the rest of the Israeli communications market.


We are not a service provider – we’re building Israel’s best network. It’s open to anyone who wants to develop and sell services to households in Israel.


Because Unlimited is open for all providers, you can choose the TV that excites you, the films you love, the apps you want, and the phone service that suits you best. Any time.


Any idea what you’re paying for Internet, phone, TV, or video on demand today? We’ll give you all the info you need about prices and service providers. With just a few simple clicks you can buy, change or upgrade any service you like, whenever you want to.

Unlimited. Direct to where you are.

Sign up today! That's the first step in the process of connecting your house or apartment.

Once the installation is done, simply plug into the Unlimited data socket and connect right away. Then enjoy Internet speeds of 1,000 Mbps from a True Fiber connection.

Sign up today.


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