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CopyV - CopyV – Your Own Unlimited Cloud

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According to an estimation from the research firm Gartner, the amount of files stores in each home will surpass 3 terabytes by 2016, the number of devices (computer/tablet/smartphone) is growing, and the need to have direct and secure access to personal files from any location at any time is increasing.

This is why CopyV was developed, a free complementary solution for the cloud services whose incremental costs over a long time period is high, and for anyone who is interested in more security and privacy when working with personal files.

The software supports a wide range of actions with files that are stored on computers at home or at the office, at a high level of security and encryption, all in one system.


What is in the computer software?

-       Quick, direct, and server-free transfer of files of all sizes between computers on the Internet.

-       Comfortable transfer of files on the local network, including an option of printing them.

-       Direct P2P backups between different computers, at home, the office, etc.


What is in the smartphone/tablet software? (Android only at the moment)

-       Access to files on the computer/s and the option of:

  1. Open – play music/video files directly from the computer.
  2. Download – direct download of files from the computer/s to the phone.
  3. Send to peer – order to directly transfer files between different computers.
  4. Send P2P link – send a link to retrieve the file, directly and without servers.
  5. Send server link – send a link to download the file, through a server.

-       Directly send files and photos from the phone to a PC.

-       Backup files from the phone directly to a PC on a local Wi-Fi network.

-       Print files from the phone, through the Internet and the cellular network.

User guide -    http://www.copyv.com/files/copyv_eng_user_guide.pdf